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READ BEFORE POSTING Reporting Rule Breakers

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This thread is made for players to combine all the report related guides. Once you have finished reading this thread, simply click the upwards arrow on the bottom right of the page to go back up here!
After reading this guide, you should be able to determine how and when to provide the proper evidence to catch all of those rule-breakers you might encounter.

Reporting on the Forums

Reporting players that are ruining the fun of the game by Swearing, Hacking, etc... is the best way to make the network a better place for you and the other players. The Staff Team works hard to bring the community a better and greater experience whilst being part of JartexNetwork, though we have multiple staff members handling punishments to the rule-breakers, your co-operation and assistance towards punishing rule-breakers is highly appreciated. We love our community to be involved and take action every time a rule-breaker is spotted, therefore we have multiple sub-forums for you to report the rule-breaker according to their offenses.

General Reporting Rules
  • The information must be filled out with 100% honesty;
  • You may only report a player only if they do not have an active mute/ban;
  • You may not submit troll reports;
  • You may not present footage over 3 minutes, if so, you must provide time-stamps;
  • The proof provided must only be full-screen;
  • No proof may be cropped, nor blurred out.

Gameplay Report Rules
  • The player must have broken an official JartexNetwork gameplay rule;
  • The video footage must be 30 FPS at least;
  • At least 720P of video quality;
  • The video must be 3 minutes or under, if the video is longer than 3 minutes you must provide timestamps;
  • You may not make use of any modifications to make others seem like hackers;
  • You must only report players if the evidence provided is not older than 7 days.

Chat Report Rules
  • The player must have broken an official JartexNetwork chat rule;
  • You may only report high tier chat reports, players saying "shit" does not count as a chat report;
  • If a player is nicked, you must provide the /realname of the player in the report.
  • You must only report players if the evidence provided is not older than 24 hours

Forum Reports
  • You must only report users if they have broken the rule within 7 days.

Report In-Game

The members of the Staff Team work hard each and every day to ensure the community's order, though they aren't able to be online 24 hours the 7 days of the week, as everyone has duties to attend in-real-life. If you'd like to report a hacker to a Staff member in-game, you can always type "/staff" and look at the online Staff members.

You can send a private message to a staff member if he/she is online. We recommend to wait patiently for the reply from the staff member and if he/she didn't respond after a few minutes, you can lightly remind the staff member, but please do not spam.
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